Monday, August 31, 2009

the severed head of a cow

the severed head of a cow
is none too pleased
to have been so publicly

who are these asses
with tails between their arses
to rave and rant
in numbers 50 strong
hiding behind one another's sarongs
daring to promise
for terms not met

who are you
to demand your rights
and yours alone
what have you given to the community
what have you given to this land
that you stand
so righteous
so entitled
my severed head you stomped and trampled
my divine rights you maimed and mangled

my teats nurse the growing calves
you feed on
my milk strengthens the bones and teeth
of your children
whom you feed myopic racist tales
my bones flavour the soup
that warms your chest
and clears your sinuses
my skin your shoes and bags
you announce your uptight middle class-ness

the handouts
you unquestioningly
grabbed and hogged
are paid for too
by those you so strongly

spare me
your lopsided rhetoric
spare me
your misplaced arrogance

make no mistake my anger
make no mistake my tears

i cry for the Malaysia long lost
i cry for the people you wronged
i cry for your people you misrepresented
i cry for the sacrifice you desecrated

i seek wisdom
i seek strength
to forgive
for I can never
will never
this severed head of a cow
is none too pleased
to have been
so publicly